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Hello, everyone. I'm not sure how many people are reading this anymore but I will continue working on this anyway. I have continued wading through a flood of notes provided by Richard Pini from a previous attempt at an Elfquest project. I am almost done reviewing them (there were 700+ pages I think) and then I will continue with additional parts of the language manual.

In regard to Elfquest names, I need some information on the following individuals (as well as any possible guesses as to the meaning of their names):

Ar ri en
Hak en
Ing en
Tal en

As we see there is an "EN" at the end of each name. The fact that "EN" appears only at the end of each name might indicate (and be very strong proof) that this is a suffix (ED, ING, etc.). I have not found any example of an EN name where the EN appears at the beginning or in the middle of the name. This may or may not be significant. I look forward to hearing your ideas as well as any biographical information for each of these characters above.