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Sorry, I'm late - not too late, I hope.

Ar ri en
I found this name on a fan-made name list, but nowhere else.
What I know is that ARRI is a Go-Back girl, who went wth Zey for the war with the Sunfolk. She suggested to use the Troll tunnels to get there.
The name Arri can count as one more hint that "EN" is a suffix.

Hak en
A Firstcomer and member of the Circle of Nine - the passion, driving them forward (HY #6 and #7).
He is said to be (one of) the last born Conehead(s). Looks pretty much like Rayek and was able to use black sending.
It's fan speculation that Rayek or - even more - Winnowill might be his direct descendants.

Passion indeed he understood. especially in it's darker forms - he was the first to realize that the Proto-Trolls had come to resent the High Ones, and his first response to the WoTMs was one of anger.
Like Timmain he knew that to survive they must kill and consume what they killed. Timmain and Haken were different about the questions of the Humans. He felt that they had to fight them using their rules, perhapps because killing seemed to come easier to him than the others.
Haken's strongest desire was to drive the Humans from the Palace and return to their old way of life; he drew powerfrom the Palace, using it to enforce his will at any cost. He thought that the weaker High Ones deserved to wither and fought his own speces. In the final confrontation with Timmain he lost his arm and disappeared.
(source: Wolfrider's Guide)

Ing en

A Sunvillager, lifemate of Jarrah and father of Rayek; back hair and amber eyes. Accoring to fan opinion not a candidate for the "Best-Dad-Award".

Like other Sun Folk he toiled in the gardens, and tried to teach his son to be content with the product of such labors. When Rayek brought in his first kill he praised his son, recognizing that Rayek killed not out of cruelty, but hunger.
(source: Wolfrider's Guide)

Tal en
Talen (probably a pureblood) is a contemporary of Preypacer, Two-Spear and Skyfire.
In the Two-Spear stories BotC #3 and #4 he sticks with Rellah and the "softer" members of the tribe. At the end of #4 he is the "interpretor" or speaker of his Chief when Two-Spear banns the Humans.

I connec thim with "speak" or "voice".

There is one exception to the "ending" rule I found:
Enlet was a High One in Timmain's group (from the BoTC prose novels) and the father of Zarhan Fastfire. He had fire-starting magic which was inherited to his son Zarhan.

There are some more names ending with "EN" - depending how you read the sylables:
... just for completation Wink (...shen and M'Ren and Renn won't count here, I bet)

Sorry, no ideas about a connection and the "EN" meaning at all - possibly I'm too deep into the explicit descriptions. Maybe someone with an open mind and a fresh point of view will have an idea.

There's one thing I've learned, though - when you try to figure out something the exception from the rule often is the clue.