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From what I've read thus far, it looks like you are doing the compiling (correct me if I'm wrong!), and I wanted to ask if I could have a copy of what you've done thus far. I may prove helpful in the theory department: my first degree was in English, I'm working on one in Japanese, and I speak a smattering of French, German, Korean, and Latin. I've actually taken a course titled "History of the English Language," although it went back in its theory much further than the roots of English. I might be helpful for things like, "what sort of an ending would a word/sound have" or "why would you find a series of vowels and consonants in a certain order with such frequency," etc. I think this is a brilliant idea, and I'd love to help!

I definitely echo what I've read from others, in that I suspect the Elves that used Sending more than speaking are more likely to have a simplistic, more image/emotion based language. I do think that they must all have a common ancestor, however, much as the Romance Languages all do. ^-^

Arill, I enjoyed reading your two cents and that's a great theory: the meaning of Winnowill's name has fallen out of use with the Wolfriders and so they do not understand its meaning. I'll add this to my notes as well. I'm trying to smooth out as many linguistic wrinkles as possible but I doubt this will ever be perfect (English isn't even close to perfect so I guess I shouldn't worry too much). I'm glad to be getting help from such a great group of people. It's 12:30am and I have just returned from work (14 hour day) so I'm gonna get some rest and then get up early to get some stuff done. I do expect to make some progress on some portion or other of this project.