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Thanks, Hannah. Yes, you can have a copy of what I have so far. Please send an email to jerms15@hotmail.com so I can attach the spreadsheets in an email back to you. Neither list is "final" but seems to be in the ballpark. The language manual itself is still rough and I'm organizing that after I finish some more notes (lot of Elfquest books to go through). It sounds like we have a bit in common: I got my first BA in English and I frequently converse in Romanian. I speak quite a bit of standard Arabic (which means all Arabic speakers understand me but I frequently have a hard time understanding them). I have also studied Russian, French, Latin, ancient Greek, Hebrew and Farsi (and perhaps a few others). I'd be happy to give you the spreadsheets and see what you think. After a week or two more of improvements I'll have the language manual in a form good enough to distribute. It's been rough (I work a full-time job, part-time job, go to grad school, etc.). Thanks for getting involved. The more help the better.