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Okay... this is going to be majorly screwed up, seeing as I know next to nothing about this fandom, but still... don't even ask why I've suddenly taken an interest in it. I've never cared for the original story, but some of what I have been told deeply fascinated me, so when a plot bunny showed up at my door, I decided to give it a try.

(Working) Title: Little to Little
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: No idea... Friendship and Drama or Angst, perhaps?

Seeing as it's very late and I should have been very much asleep, I'll only describe the most important aspects of what is going to happen. Oh, and the title comes from the saying: “Add little to little and there will be a big pile”, by the Roman poet Ovid. For this story it basically means that some things may seem small at the moment, but once you put them all together in the end, they turn out to be something much more.

Very shortly put, the story is set in the Marauders' Era at the beginning of their fifth year. The Marauders (mainly James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew) have been bullying Severus Snape non-stop and one day it gets so worse that Lily Evans decides she must interfere. But the duel takes a turn for the worse when curses are mixed up and both Severus and Lily end up the victims of an unknown curse. The story will revolve around how they try to go on for the rest of the school year, probably with some Sirius and James bashing as well. It will definitely be an AU, no doubt about that.

Can you tell I loathe canon much? I blame a girl in my class. She knew I didn't know anything about the series (I saw the first four movies, but that was like ages ago, and I've never read the books), yet she saw fit to tell me the entire story - backwards. So now I have a warped sense of what is right or wrong in that universe, and I've ended up hating characters others love and loving characters others hate.

Oh, and I ship Lily/Severus, so be aware.

Anyway, my problem with this story is that I am not overly comfortable with a universe I don't know anything about. I do quite a lot of research, like trying to find out where things in Hogwarts are, which teachers teach which subject at specific times, and which spells the students should be able to know and such. I even kicked myself into researching Latin, which, believe me, is no easy task in a foreign language, but you will probably spot my rather bad attempts at coming up with names for spells.

So basically I just need someone to give me a thumbs up, but constructive critique is greatly valued, so I'll also wish for the same things as for my other story:
- CORRECT ME ON THE BRITISH STUFF! Like, exclamations or sayings or just another way of writing a word - I need it!
- point out any flaws or mistakes about the universe
- 'evaluate' the flow of my writing and the way my sentences are written.
- suggest more stuff to put in before and after already written paragraphs
- point out unnecessary information or words or anything else that might catch your eye
- 'listen to' the lines (I feel they do not sound real)
- direct me in case of OOC'ness (Out-Of-Character), if possible
- tell me what to do with the action scenes - I suck at making those
- help me with Latin? Anyone?

I have no problems with critique - say you hate it, flame it, wish for your eyes to be stabbed out - I am open for anything. And I highly doubt you can say worse than I have already heard.

Urgh... copy-paste much?