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Hello, everyone. I'm still waiting to see if anyone can come up with any language examples (words, sentences, etc.) in the elven language (thinking I'll start refering to this as Abodean Elvish though I think the final decision will reside in WARP's capable hands). I have continued on a bit this evening with the short sentence uttered by Clearbrook, thinking I understand it's meaning and now just determining the words and meanings to it all. We've covered Treestump's too but I haven't written a final translation which I am completely content with. The phrase uttered by the human in Blue Mountain will puzzle me for a while because the intent behind the words or the "meaning" still baffles me.
While some have tried to translate this as a question from the human asking where Winnowill is I think, if it were me, I'd be asking why I had been locked up. But that's just me. I'll save that one for later unless anyone else has any ideas as the meaning behind the human's elven words. I have been going over a new Russian language book as it seems I have gotten rusty. They have helped with the articles and verb forms a bit, given me a few new ideas. In the meantime I'm continuing to work on thesis issues (it's perpetually open in the background on my computer). So, I hope nobody is discouraged. I am still working on this, putting as much time as possible into this...I just wish I had more. Take care, everyone. And, as always, thanks for all the help.