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<blows the dust off from the thread and vainly tries to clean few cobwebs away> Yeah, this isn't as cluttered as the name implies, I must get to work filling it!
Dreamcat's and Wolfrider's beautiful artworks inspired me to dig this out too- and of course the fact that I have a drawing tablet again.
Most of the stuff I update are old pictures that you guys have seen before, but there's at least one new among them...
All comments and opinions are more than welcome.

Here's the very first picture of Moonmoss, my self-elf, done some years ago. Her face is bit too elongated aaaand I'd do some other things differently now, so I guess I'll have to update..:D

Then we have the Steampunk Elfquest Fan Friday inspired sketch of Ekuar that was coloured WITH A LAPTOP FINGER MOUSE! Believe me, I won't be colouring anything like that in a hurry again, it was a pain in the butt!

And last but not least, from the base of that Ekuar sketch, a canon Ekuar facial in Art Nouveau shades- actually the first complete picture with the new tablet- it takes still bit time to get used to both it and Gimp as a program...

Hope you enjoy!