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Embala said

WOW .... these are some great additions. And such a fast job!

I love how the Suntop banner pretty much repeats Ember's - the same bent to the right in the first to pics, almost corresponding expressions, the similarity of the third one anyway - true twin banners. I have no idea where the forth pic is taken from - bet PCoquelin would know!

Pike is fun - what else to expect! Wink

The many facets of Clearbrook - sof and dreamy, determind and protective, faithful - and fierce. Perfect choice for the "action pose".

Timmain's banner is my fav among the new ones! It gives me the impression that she's dancing to an alien tune.

I had to compare directly that you tweak the name scrolls in direction and fall - without loosing quality. I'm sure you will build wonderful ones by yourself. I love the prospect to get more!

Thanks Embala. The far right image of Suntop in his banner is from A Gift of Her Own.

As for the action image in Clearbrook's, I kinda wanted an image of her with short hair, so...

Just added Savah and Rainsong (the latter was tough as there's really not that many good, colorful images of her out there to use...but it worked out okay eventually).