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The images used in Bearclaw's banner are as follows left to right: 1980 portfolio portrait, 1993 Ten Chiefs centerfold, back cover portrait, EQ #4 1979 and finally, from the cover of the DC Comics manga-sized Wolfrider! book, which also appears, in B&W, on the first page of Wolfrider! part 4, I think.

As far as the Beloved Dead goes, I've had a hard time finding a decent sized version of that online, so..
The pinup calendar images have good action shots of the characters, though I don't always use them since sometimes they may look a tad goofy, like the Skywise one, or something about their pose just gets in the way, like Pike's. My main criteria has always been full color Wendy Pini images of each character. I wanted to mainly use images from portfolios, book covers, comic covers, calendars and the like, but there are a couple of times where I used comic (or colored graphic novel) art, such as Joyleaf, Two-Edge (by request Smile ) and Rainsong. I just hope they look good.