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The Ten Chiefs plate! Headbang3 Too focused on the Beloved Dead to remember the obvious one! No wonder it was familiar - I've used it myself for collages. Thanks for the informations.

My main criteria has always been full color Wendy Pini images of each character.
Thumbs_up Quality for quality!
I wanted to mainly use images from portfolios, book covers, comic covers, calendars and the like, but there are a couple of times where I used comic (or colored graphic novel) art, such as Joyleaf, Two-Edge (by request Smile ) and Rainsong. I just hope they look good.
Your choices are excellent, Wolfrider. I enjoy very much what I see ... my Two-Edge request included. (I love this early picture because he looks somehow different there - more "elf-like" to some degree ... though he shows definitely no elfin features.)
I was only curious - sometimes such a "rule" is a major part of the challenge that is not abandonned without need. And I like to know a bit about background and "making of" Wink

As far as the Beloved Dead goes, I've had a hard time finding a decent sized version of that online, so..
Elfquest Fan Art has a complete collection of centerfold scans as reference pictures. Looks like original size for me.

EDIT: It doesn't allow me to attach a link. But - you are a member there. You should know better than me!