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Petalwing has the ability to wrap more than just little fingers...
And has the ability to make GOOD things happen by spitting on them.

Cutter has the ability to have every tribesmate, adopted, extended, or what have you, pull his a## out of the fire while he is pulling theirs along with his... "to boldly and blindly go where no elf that is fully in the Now would dare to have gone before..."

Treestump: Acid Tears (A super power! If only in his dreams..)

Egg: Super Stubbornness!

Jink: Unforgettably forgettable... Or was that the other way around... I forget...

Tamia: she has TWO powers! super blendinedness AND super blandness!

And I start to deteriorate into a sort of sober, sleep deprived state of wierdness...

Windkin: Super Baby Buggy Bumper

The Broken One: surrigate Two Edge for Winnie, or is it just me?

Brill: Part time baby launcher (sorry, had to again)

Pike: its not so much that he is the only one who can find a green dreamberry, his ability is far more unique: the green one was what was left after he ate ALL THE RIPE DREAMBERRIES!

Two Edge: about the only really sane one of the group, some of the time....

Finder: ability to find a way to make an entire tribe irresponsible, forgetful, and reliant on him to function. Wag to go, you are a step away from winning "Surviver World of Two Moons!"

Two Spear: has the ability to carry TWO weapons sharper than he is!

One Eye: many abilities, including...
Lived twice as long with half the eyes of some of the ancestors in the tribe.
Suprisingly memorable, but I cant remember why besides the eye patch.
Only pirate in existance that never touched a sea.
First elvin zombie

Ember: seemes to have the ability to make nutmash of relationships WITHOUT the aid of recognition.

Venka: best poker face on the world of two moons

Rayak: the only elf that could be seen as the antithesis for Skywise: Skywise tends to crush females that become smitten with him, but Rayak seems to crush himself when he becomes smitten with females...

Surge: the only Elf named after a short lived soft drink (but is was a good drink...)

I think this thread put me in a good mood. Thanks!