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Are you refering to NaNoWriMo, or writing fanfic for EQ in general?

As far as the writers cafe, there is little to no "work" being done here. This was just a place to talk about NaNo projects, and whatever, as there used to be a few people around that wrote for that contest. I tried one year and pretty mich got burnt out on writing, though I have had a bit of rest so I might try a story or two again for fanfic....

Dont know if you are aware: National November Writers Month is a contest where you attempt to write a 20,000 word story from scratch, start to finish, in the month of november. My first week I averaged about 2k words a day, and then hit a brick wall and never recovered.

As far as Elf Quest Fan Fic, Im sure there are some active people around on the forum writing, and there are always those that are hungry for a new story. Imagination sparks imagination, and others will start writing more if some one is doing something. I plan to write some soon, Im hoping.

Anyway, if you want to write fanfic, there is a whole subforum for fan art and fanfic, full of challenges (monthly Grab Bags), and personal or collabrative threads. You can start your own and post your own work, or try one of the others. There isnt a HUGE community here at the moment, but we are all appriciative of others sharing their talents. Feel free to write!

The main forum, or scroll of colors, is a bit bigger than this little group. I would post a link, but as I am on my phone I cannot. It should be under one of the drill down menus above on your dashboard. If you have trouble, ask Embala or PM me (or about anyone else, we are all friends here).