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Go-Backs parentage and the parent-child relationship seems to be limited to a very short period.

The Go-Backs wish for a cub to go on for them (this we learned from Skot's/Krim's dream. Without Recognition, without lifemating and with the pre-battle orgies only a minoritiy of the males will know about their fathership. The females nures and care for their fawns until they are able to live more independant (with 3-4 years?) and join the children group most of the time ... like a full-time kindergarden and school.

Sounds hard and cold - but it actually makes sense considering the Go-Back lifestyle.
- Having the wish for a fawn but no prove who will be the own one male Go-Backs are more willing to care for EACH fawn, to hunt and fight to protect them.
And when the connection between mother and child becomes loose early and being "group raised" will help the cub to be not too desperate in case the mother is killed.
It's said by the Wolfriders "chief cubs belong to the whole tribe" - the way I understand it, all Go-Back fawns belong to the whole tribe. No matter what will happen to the genetic parents - they will be cared for the same way. And as they are used to various psychological parents the fawns will suffer less when the mother will not come back from a battle or hunt.

Just my way to make sense of it ...

And - no, neither mother nor father of Chot were mentioned. He probably don't know his father and his mother might have died in a battle years ago. I think, Go-Backs are raise not to care. I wonder ... do they - nevertheless?