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I'm reviewing the scene I mentioned in the above post. It's in EQ Vol. 2 Issue 3, the opening of the "Wild Hunt" installment.

I noticed Queen Drub telling Trinket, that maybe the need for self-defense will "weld" a sword to her hand. This means the Trolls had developed the technology of welding ferrous metals, at this point in history.

The vision Im getting is fairly graphic...

Part of forging is hammer-welding, a process of melding two heated metals into one peice. This can be two dissimilar alloys (such as mild steel and high carbon steel), or the same metal, such as when a sword blank is folded. While the most labor intensive, when done right this welding process can be the strongest welding technique, as it blends the two metals together over large areas, instead of "modern" welding process, where a tiny spot on one peice is melted to another. In modern process, if the two alloys are too dissimilar, microfissures can form and the weld or surrounding material can become brittle or crack upon cooling. The more traditional process can blend a greater range of alloys, allowing a "sharing" of the traits of all alloys being hammer welded.

A good blacksmith can "spot weld" (in this case I am not referring to the inferior human technique of pinching sheet metal together with electrical current) two pieces of a broke part together without excessive heating of the rest of the piece.

I find great humor in literal translation of the statement, and a bit of the philosophical in the concept... A welding of sword and steel in the mush that Trinket had become would create a new character, diverse in the attributes of both.