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One thing has bothered me since I began catching up with the Trolls in Digital EQ. Is there inconsistency in some characters?
Inconsistency or developement?
Inconsistency in the characters ... or in the intention/interpretation of different artists/authors?

Drub develops her courage when she is exposed to Khavi, and is consistently brave afterwards. Maggoty accuses Picknose of being gutless, but he has his moments of glory. The rest of his family is a little confusing.
Drub found someting that met her ambitions - and followed her new ways consequently. She clearly prefers to be Queen - instead of King's favorite and (possibly) the power behind the throne.

Maggoty and Picknose ... for me it was always sort of the "mother-in-law" cliche:
You guy are not good enough for my little darling! (no matter what you do and how successful you are)
On the other hand this was probably Maggoty's way of "gentle" encouragement. Wink And ... well, Picknose was not the brightest of Trolls, I guess ... he had to learn and develope alot. Though - being not so bright and not so ambitious might have saved his live during Greymung's reign!

Tiny Trinket is understandably afraid when she first meets Ember, but she warms up to her. When humans break into King Picknose's tunnels, Trinket seems to have taken on some of Ember's toughness. Years later, she refuses to wield a sword when Drub commands it.
Actually Trinket's behavior is very plausible for me.

Little Trinket is a Princess, spoilt by her parents, used to get her will and do what she wants. Ember is a Princess, too - not so spoilt but used to reach her goals, too. Ember is older, comparably independant ... both a role model and a rival.
Little children learn by imitation - it's rather normal that Trinket tried out the benefits of new ways. And there was the effect of "All what you do I can do as well!"

When Little Trinket was returned to her parents after millennia she was spoilt ROTTEN. Picknose was overhappy to have his treasured first child back. And Oddbit ... Trinket was possibly the first little one she could take care for centuries (how long can Troll women be vertile?). Trinket was her little doll - and someone she could transfer all her meanwhile lost dreams of beauty and glamour.
Trinket learned that she only had to flutter her eyelashes to get whatever she wanted. A comfortable way of life, being admired and wooed as a bonus. Why should she suddenly change her stradegies ... only because a much younger, boyish and unattractive sister says so? (Excuse me - I try to see Drub with Trinket's eyes!)

As much as it was in character for Drub to become the active, self-reliant leader it's in character for her sister to be the manipulative, self-centered beauty.

Drub laments the uselessness of the aging Oddbit. While she is ever the prima donna, doesn't she deserve credit for giving birth to a kingdom?
Hmm ... don't know enough for a proper own judgement.
This lack of respect ... makes me think of the general disrespect young adults sometimes show against their parents, especially when they have chosen a very different way of life.
Oddbit is the prime example for everything Drub denies - hard to give credit for special facets. And birthing ... well, it doesn't seem to have a high rank in Drub's life in general.

Flam is a bold character in the Shards storyline, although his motives are more mundane than that of the Elves. In "Rogue's Curse", however, he grovels in one scene and begs for mercy in another.
Honestly - I think it's a throw-back in very early Troll behavior ... not in Flam as such but in the artist's/author's mind.
In the very first issues of EQ the Trolls came around as ugly, cowardly, treacherous creatures ... starting with Scruff over Picknose and ending with Greymung. The author in Rogue's Curse simply needed a whiny cowardly big guy - and thought it's a good idea to take Flam.