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I have been insulted
by an arrogant rhyme
so I'm taking the time
to unburden my mind
and respond in kind

And no, I didn't bother
to top it that night
But now that I'm back
watch me do this thing right.

Let's start with the basics- Yo mama's a ho
Yeah, that we all know
But how low will she go?
Well she gave birth to you...
but that ain't the worst of it, boo

You'll have to ask her brother,
'cus you weren't there
Yo mama saw a sign that said 'boyz ii men'
and thought she was dropping you off at day care.

Twenty years later, she came back to the concert to get you
But when she hit the gate at the Amphitheater,
She was just too fat to get through

Yo mama's so fat, she was declared a landmark on the spot
No wonder your "uncle" thought yo mama was hot
He's always been fond of ships; He was in the navy.
Did they ever tell you that Shamu was their second baby?

He had to roll her in flour, just to make it to the wet spot
Yeah, yo mama is dumb- but yo uncle is not
He's just old and nasty- a relic of a past time
Gave yo mama that computer you use
Thought an 8-bit Atari was top of the line.