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One thing I forgot to clarify: its ok to have few of a certain kind of card, you can have multiple instances of some cards. In Star Trek, there are far fewer ships than characters, but some ships are "common", in that you can play several at one time, and others are "unique" adnd only one can be in play at any time, by any player.

Example: Blackfell is Unique, Player One plays Blackfell.
Player Two plays Bearclaw (also unique), and has a Blackfell, but cannot play it as long as Player One's Blackfell is on the table ( unless some other card allows for it (say TimeWarp, Doppleganger), or a Common version of the card becomes available.

Uniqueness is determined by how many dots are beside the name. One dot means one only one can be played at one time. Three dots dots means three can be played at any one time, and no dots means there is no limit.

We will have to determine which bond beasts are "common" and which are Unique. Usually the stronger a card is, the fewer can be in play at any time.