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Embala said

When there is a card "Wolfpack" with ... 4 dots four players can use this card at the same time? And a card "Random Ice Troll" without any dot can be used as often as wished? *goes and adds a dot to the Cutter template*

Your job Wink ... or whoever has experiance and volonteers.

Don't quite get it - but I need not to understand everything right now. Idea is added to the listing.

Sort of. Ill see how rider limits work. Four dots wouod mean there can only be four of that card in play at any time. Id been thinking youd have individual wolves, both known bond beasts and made up ones, perhaps unbonded wolves as well that can be bonded in game. another way to do the "Pack" card would be to have an "event" card or other modifier to be played when the group wants to move as a group, so you dont have to have a wolf or bird for every member, but would only work when moving, so you dont get an overpowered situation. Also make Pack cards only work when there is at least a minimum of animals of that type (low, like one or two in play). This would be neat game dynamic, perhaps?

One other thing to consider when dealing with uniquness: Im not 100% sure, but if I recall you can have a common version of a character that can have several instances (Cutter as a tribesmate before Bearclaw dies), that has mediocre stats, and several Unique cards for a character, but the limitation is on the unique. Such as:

Player A has Chief Cutter in his deck, as well as a common Tribesmate Cutter (names can be more artful, of course).
Player Two has Warrior Cutter (unique like Chief Cutter), and three common Cutters.

Player one hangs back with a common Cutter in hand, waiting for Chief, since it is better. Finally plays Tribesmate at turn five.

Other player draws Warrior on turn six, but cant play it, since there is a cutter on the table. He can, though play his three Tribesmates he has been holding onto.

Like I said, Im not completely sure of that, but pretty sure. Also, it may also be that a Unique can replace a single common of the same character ( Chief replaces Tribeamate), as long as there are no other copies in play. Also, not sure, but I believe that a Common of a characte cannot be played if a unique is in play for that character.