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Another thing I would do is build massive amounts of fake dead bodies and androids, staging massive slaughters to make it seem like I was horrible beyond compare, but Id actually just be killing off my own androids and leaving the fake dead bodies behind as grotesquly as possible.

Meanwhile secretly develope a cure for all strains or types of the flu, cold, and cancer, as well as antiaging serums, and release it on the unsuspecting public.

Eventually I would eradicate all things that could cause someone to die of "natural causes" (cant do much about other forms of death). This would cause people to worry less about surviving and more about retirement, which eventually gets perpetually set 20 years older than any person alive. The job market would tank, and the jobless rate would increase at the same rate as the birth rate. Faster, perhaps, as you cant teach old dogs new tricks, and everyone is getting REALLY old, and technology increases exponentially., especially as people try to figure out how to stop me from wiping out the fake cities I keep building and wiping out the fake populations thereof.

Eventually people will figure out its all a sick joke, that instead of killing people Im keeping them alive with no hope of an end goal, endlessly stuck in a rut.

(as well as many, many other plots and schemes)