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Havn't forgotten about your banners, Wolfrider! I follow every new post with loving interest and joy. Smile

One-Eye ... he will always have a special place in my heart. Despite the ery lethal Madcoil incident in Wolfsong his death was the irst elfin loss for me. From this point of view I lave it that his howling pirit from the Beloved Dead centerfold is included. You found a beautifully fitting portrait and of course there is the character plate, the way how I mostly remember him. It's strangely fitting that the action scene from the tribe plate shows him sightly blurred - a background character. He hardly had a grand entrance before his death scene.

Sweet and lovely Newstar ... you almost did a Newstar through the ages! The cute big-eyed preteen, the Sunfolk beauty, the motherly love in the portrait shot from the healing scene and last not least a most recent, almost High-One-like look. The last one is so different in style - yet fits in very harmonic in the given rosy-violet background.

Looks like Picknose is trolling you! Wink Take your time ... some day the puzzle will fall together. How about ... Ekuar?