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This is the basic history, as read by Amos, the current memorykeeper.

"When the vessel of our ancestors, the High Ones, crashed to the mountainside, they were faced with the terrors of this hostile land. Some of the group did not manage the crash and got buried under the landslide the crash had caused. Others ran and escaped the mountainside, only to face the hostilities of the rainforest. Some of the forest survivors fell to the poisonous plants or insects, but luckily some of us learned quickly.

"To protect us, Drais -- our shapeshifter -- took a form of a giant lizard our group had named as dagger-feet. She learned their way, and hunted for us, eventually helping us to adapt and survive. She visited us daily, changing shapes between elf form and lizard form, but the changes grew more and more seldom, so did the visits. We realized she was losing her elf mind with the lizard identity, but we could not talk her to change back anymore. She left us, but also gave us a gift.

"Batch of eggs was found nearby the place we had started to call our home. The eggs were taken care of until they hatched with the baby lizards. Nurturing them and training them was proved to be easy, and our hunt leader Kalish noticed, it was possible to form a bond with these dagger-feet. Many were done and proven unbreakable. Kalish became our first proper chief, but his way of leading did not please everyone, despite the group thriving, finding more survivors and becoming a tribe. Recognitions happened and new ways to live were discovered. Our lizard steeds grew old and died, but multiplied as well. Sometimes new batches of eggs were found; many believed they were new gifts of Drais.

"Ageiah had never agreed to Kalish's leadership, after all, she had been the first-born daughter of Drais and she believed she had the right. Arguments got fierce between the two, muck and insulting names were tossed, when the unthinkable happened. The two Recognized each other and in the heat of the moment, the Recognition was consumated -- only for Ageiah to flee with a few followers afterwards. Some believe she went down the large river we had named the Water Way.

"Kalish lead us for some rain seasons more, but his heart was not in it. Eventually, he left as well, no one knows where. That was the time, when I asked the plantshapers to shape a hollow tunnel to the trunk of our Mother Tree, spiraling its way up. This was -- still is -- our path of memories, so that we won't forget. Leaders and chiefs changed, old ones made way to younger ones, generations came and went. We learned to live in the forest, and we still thrive."