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You know what I always thought? There is nearly nothing to back this up properly, but..

I always thought that the angry face Kahvi showed us through the flashbacks was directed at Teir's father, and not the boy himself. Yes, I genuinely believe like many of you that Kahvi would not be too happy with a recognition, no matter who it was. Her distrust towards magic aside, it would be too intimate, intrusive even. But even so, Kahvi has had children before Vaya and Venka. And Venka is a big magic user, and she had no trouble with this! Yes, she wanted Venka to be vengeance towards her father after Rayek destroyed the Lodge... but that plan was set in motion even before she was aware of her babe's magical powers.

What I am trying to say is that Kahvi never really showed her daughter any scorn for her powers, neither do I think she'd give to Teir. But what if her anger in those flashbacks was directed at Teir's father, and wee baby Teir just saw the angry faces, felt the tension between them? Which eventually led both to split up. Then his mind interpreted Kahvi's anger and caged feelings to be against himself too or just because of him? It is very common to think along those lines when you live in a family where there is tension between your guardians/parental figures. Especially when you're very young. (Not to mention, we don't know how young he was. He could have had baby hands for along time, hell my own hands ooks like babyhands, despite being 22 years old! Not that I believe him to be that old. :-P )

Also, if I remember correctly, those shots were 1. person point of view, maybe Teir's father was standing/sitting a little behind? (My internet is too bad for me to check this.)

Again, I have no real solid proof here. But I find it more consistent with Kahvi's character, those flashbacks always seemed weird to me.