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I meant close as "closely blood-related" Tongue

Also, didn't Bearclaw take it rather very-much-personal when Crescent was killed? As in; a little more personal than simply "I'm chief, and we're so few already!"

I've always thought that it was because of Bearclaw's fatherly relationship with Strongbow Tongue Bearclaw has always seemed to me as acting as Strongbow's mentor and father...that would imply that Crescent was some sort of adoptive granddaughter. Plus, I think he felt that Crescent's death (and the sorrow it created to someone he cared for) was entirely his fault... like he felt responsible for that tragedy.

Anyway... the point is, we have no way to know the actual truth, withouth canon referencies at this ('cause, tell me if I'm wrong or not, the only thing we have is a reference, in a novel, to the fact that Brightwater has been a mate of Mantricker's, but it was never told that Moonshade was their children), so... all we are talking of is pure speculation ^^
it's always fun to speculate btw xD