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Embala said

Laugh Awesome, lunakat! Yeah

Thanks! Kiss
I thought Tier needed his own poem.

jeb said

Looking at that scene, the character in silhouette sure looks like Mender. That would point to some time traveling business going on.

What a trip to find out that his romantic rival was his son.

I get kind of lost in the details. Were Mender and Kahvi ever in the Sun-Village at the same time?

Yes- they were. Kahvi and Tyldak came to steal the little Palace but ended up in wrapstuff for a long time. I don't know when or how she was released. She seemed fairly into Tyldak back then- but I could see Kahvi playing the field. Did she have the opportunity though?

In the picture on the left, it looks like the remembrance is of breast-feeding. And in the middle, it looks like the spear is pointed at the viewer, but Kahvi seems to be looking up and away. Kind of goes with the idea of her defending him from something.

I agree. She wasn't the type to aim a spear at a baby.