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All the time Dart was awake they lived in a threemating - with Talmah involved in the pregnancy from the beginning. Remember the scenes when he is touching and "listening to" Serrin's belly in awe and joy ... and he was in almost every scene from Bowki's childhood we've seen.

I'm sure he was a father for Bowki as much (or more in daily life) as Dart was. They probably were "father Dart" and "father Talmah" for the cub. Or there were different terms like "Pa" and "Dad" ... elfin equivalents of them.
Later on he might refer to Talmah as his father ... and Dart as his sire.

I don't think his upbringing was solely Sunfolk. Mostly yes - because he lived in the Sunvillage among Sunfolk a Sunvillager's life.

We saw Bowki's skills of riding and with the arrow whip ... there was a strong Wolfrider trait in him.
His mother was a bridge-child, tho - and I'm she learned in Howlings from Woodlock and Rainsong about Wolfrider life. And she will have passed over these stories to her cub, especially because his father and her recognized mate was a Wolfrider in heart. There was Mender around with quite a Wolfrider temper and his admiration for Cutter.
And there were the Jackwolf-Riders ... I'd take a bet Bowki was one of them.

Not much of the Wolfrider traditions left to learn for him ... but enough to learn about and understand his wilder side.