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Just in case you didnt notice... Its not well managed in this group. there is a lot of stuff here, and most of what others have posted will go into the game, some of my old thoughts might not. As I learn the game engine or lose energy, some things may not be implemented, and some thing havent been posted yet. By all means, post your ideas. I value other fan generated content than my own, and it appears that I say it cant be done or have a problem with it, take it with a grain of salt, as Im wishy washy and am prone to impulsive posting. I dont want to step on anyone's toes, but might accidentally. Bare with me.

Also, so I dont have to make another post, the current game engine is Netgore, and you can look at the features available at www.netgore.com

There is a possible alternate engine I havent looked at yet. Truely, it wohld seem like Netgore's graphics will be easier to do, but very time consuming, and is thr major hangup at this time. The other engine (that I need to look at) is full 3D, and comes with some graphics, but it is hard to estimate how much time game graohics will take to generate for it as Im familiar with 3D graphics but not texturing and whatnot, and I imagine Id have to do the graphics myself (instead of possible help from other fans). Feel free to add your .02, if you wish.