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You've made an art thread! Yay Allow me to quote myself, please.

Two Hearts Big
Look at Brill's face - a little shy, a little dreamy, a calm happyness . I can see the love in her eyes. Skimback - a little daring, very tender, very happy and handsome. The "old-fashoined" look and coloring that is so famliar for me. Brill's rich heavy tresses and the delicate, shining-through quality of the fins, the shiny wet skin and the red glow of the coral mask.
I love it, Christina!

She has a kinda cute, rounded face ... quite a contrasst against Haze's edgy features. And there is this soft loving smile. Farbright for sure Smile

... Where's Haze? They don't want to be without each other!

Pearl ... what a beauty! I love how you've pictured her, especially the short, curly hair. Lovely, dreamy expression. Your thoughts about Strand's heritage make sense .... and one more mertail is a great idea.

Swim with us!
This is awesome, Christina! So cheerful and bursting with activity.
Kroosh, the bolt one, in protective pose: Stay away from my kin! Krill, the fierce, ready for another challege while having fun, noble Darshek hurries away where his curiosity leads him and gentle Sandsparkle - I love to see her so cheerful!

The colors are lively and harmonic together, I love how you've captured their different skin tones and made their hair glow. The blue outlines give a good underwarter feeling.

Can't wait to see more! Clap