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Direct link to the actual timeline elsewhere in this thread

Okay, all the recent talk about WaveDancers ages and relationship awoke the nitpicky detail-obsessed nerd that is in me. I want to try and see if the current tribe can be listed in birth order, to give us all an idea of who was alive when, who is younger than who, and so on.

I know Wendy doesn't really care all that much about timelines and parentages, but it's the sort of stuff that I like to obsess and elaborate over - especially with regard to my beloved WaveDancers Wink - so I'm hoping not to bore you all with my brainstorming and theories. And if you wanna join the fun, dive right in! :D

Ok, now on to figuring out who was born before and who was born after... too bad we don't know how much time elapsed between "Turning Tide" and "Discovery". I'm assuming at least three years if Skimback and Sandsparkle's baby died young - but it might be far less if the child was premature, stillborn or miscarried. Either ways, it should roughly be around the same place as the events of "Searcher and the Sword" or, at best, "Full Circle" and "Shards".

Coral is said to have died "more than eight eights of eight" before "Turning Tide", so approx 500 years, during the Palace's disappearance. By that time, we know that:
- Brill (and Krill, since they're twins) was already alive, and Haze and Farbright not yet dead (I may be wrong but I'm very much persuaded the elf pushing Coral's boat into the water is none other than Haze himself. The face features are spot on, although he wears a different outfit).
- Darshek, also a grown up
- Longfin - this one is self-obvious, or we wouldn't have Darshek
- Redcrest, said to have shaped the boat where Coral's body was put
- Surge, who was already an adult as well
- Spray (and probably Salt, since he's the absolute eldest of them)
- Reef AKA The Broken One (who was at the time already broken - see below)
- Probably Skimmer (again, see below)
- Spine (since it's him who tells the story, not as if he's merely heard it from another storyteller, but as if he was truly there when it happend - eg. "WE placed her body in the finest of Redcrest's boats...")
- (Possibly) Strand - an elf who has long hair pulled back helped Haze (?) push Coral's body in the water. *If* that is him, there are good chances that Pearl, Redcrest's lifemate, was alive already - assuming her to be the mother of both boys, Kroosh (younger) and Strand.
- (Possibly) Fairshell (an elf who looks much like her can be seen standing behind Surge in a flashback while he's talking to a couple who looks suspiciously like Haze and Farbright).

Zephyr's band took off some undetermined time after that episode - Surge "trained" the WaveDancers for defense after the death of his mother - and we know for certain that Foam wasn't born until well after that; she said in WD that she's too young to remember of the tribe's split. Snakeskin, I'm ambivalent about - he sure speaks of Zephyr and his band as if he recalls them personally, but he's not shown grieving with his father at Coral's funeral, nor immediately thereafter. It is also significant that Spine never once mentions him in the story. My idea is that he was born right after or short after his grandmother died, between her slaying and Zephyr taking off with his followers; he could have very well been a pip at that time, which would make him younger than Wavecatcher. Wavecatcher is another tough one - if we knew how much time exactly passed between Zephyr's venture and Coral's death we might know whether or not he was alive at that time. Right now he's a "maybe", I'll have to re-read his parts to see if I find any clues in there.

However we know of at least one event that took place before Coral's death, and that is when Winnowill "broke" the Broken One. That must have taken place not very long after she was dropped on that island by Tyldak - she looked way more weak and needy than in KOTBW, when she's standing in the rain and has that defiant look to her. So it must be even before the Palace's disappearance, roughly between SABM and KOTBW (this might partly contradict with Spine's statement that Crest Point had been the WaveDancers home since "only a few spawnings", but we don't know how exactly what he means by "spawnings" and how often these occurs. Another possibility may be that the WaveDancers hadn't settled at Crest Point yet by that time, and were still wandering in "fish school mode" - but the flashback about him in EQ2 says clearly that Reef was "from the elfin settlement of Crest Point". Either one of the two captions is to be believed a mistake or a "spawning" could occurr only rarely in a thousand years - we just don't know.)

By the time Reef (referred to as "the young WaveDancer") meets Winnowill, he's "one of the three healers" of Crest Point. If he's one, and Skimmer is the other (because we know she worked to restore him. Surge says to Snakeskin; "Your mother knew only one failure - and you were right to remind me of him"), the third could be either Skimback or Snakeskin (which would make him very much alive at the time of Coral's death). But Snakeskin said that "something in the far past" made the Broken One "broken", and the vague way in which he mentions his accident makes me think the third healer might indeed have been either Skimback or another character we don't know about. I'm tempted to go with Skimback, and if I am right, that would make him one of the oldest WaveDancers who's *not* an "elder". Salt, Spray, Longfin and Redcrest are all adressed as such, meaning they were older than him; Surge and Skimmer might have been either much older or (at least in Skimmer's case) around his same age, either ways adult if both Skimmer and Skimback had already come into their own as tribe healers. Since Redcrest strikes me as the "youngest" of the elders, though, I'm guessing he was only slightly older than Surge.

So if we were to order the births, this is what I have thus far;
- Salt (the eldest)
- Coral (but she could have been older than Salt as she predeceased him; Salt is only the eldest living WaveDancer).
- Spray (called "elder")
- Longfin (called "elder")
- Redcrest (called "elder")
- Surge
- Skimmer
- Skimback
- Reef (probably born not even 100 years before Winnowill made him "broken")
? Haze, Farbright, and possibly Fairshell (though whether they're older or younger than Spine we have no guess)
- Spine (between the Broken One's incident and Coral's death - again, he could be older than Haze, Farbright and Fairshell)
- Darshek, Brill, Krill, and possibly Strand (adults or young adults at the time of Coral's funeral)
? Zephyr, Wavecatcher, Gull, Sandspinner (could be born before or after Coral's funeral)
- Snakeskin (not alive when Coral died, but remembers Zephyr & co)
- Wsvelet
- Foam (and possibly Kroosh but I can't be certain)
- Tumble and Moonmirror
- Puffer
- Korafay

No-Ripple, or an elf who looked a lot like her, was seen standing behind Skimmer as she healed an injured male elf, but we have no idea when that took place so she could have been born any time between Skimmer's birth and her death (a season before "Turning Tide"). Stormsong, Pirn, Shadowcrest and Drift can't be placed anywhere because we don't know enough about them; Pirn was certainly born before Coral's funeral, or we wouldn't have Darshek, but it's tough to say if Longfin was in a threesome with him and Shadowcrest or if she Recognized first one and then the other. The same goes for Sandsparkle; we don't see her in any flashback and we only know that her father died when she was a pip, but when that might be, there are no clues. As for Stormsong, I believe he died when No-Ripple was pregnant (Tumble doesn't seem to recall much of his father), but even here we don't know if he was older or younger than his brother Spine.

So the ones we can't "place" in birth orders are;
? - Stormsong
? - Pirn
? - Shadowcrest
? - Drift
? - Sandsparkle
? - Stormsong
? - No-Ripple
? - Kroosh

Wheeeew! It's been so long since I did this sort of detail-digging! And it's fun! :D