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Great! :D It'd be awesome if we could flesh out a timeline for the WaveDancers, to be integrated with the parallel plots and storylines that took place in the rest of Abode ^_^

I'm adding links so it's hopefully easier to keep the flashbacks together ^_^

Flashback #1 (Turning Tide) - first elves to be killed by humans (if we want to be technical and *if* it's Haze who pushes Coral's boat in flashback #3, then Coral was the very first human victim, and Haze and Farbright probably died right after), as well as deaths that took part only "last storm season" before Turning Tide. We later learn that Skimmer died before Moonmirror's parents ("the storms had come and gone only twice since Skimmer and Surge vanished").

Flashback #2 (Metamorphosis) - set after Coral's death, when Surge wanted to fight the humans back.

Flashback #3 (EQ2#1) - Coral's funeral, set about 500 years before Turning Tide.

FLashback #3b (EQ2#1) - (cont.) from Coral's funeral to the departure of Zephyr's band (when?).

Flashback #4 (EQ2#2) - Skimmer healing a random elf. Took place before her death in the storm season before WD#1.

Flashback #5 (EQ2#5) - Wavecatcher recounts that he met Yun "eight-and-four floodings ago". What's a flooding and how often does it occurr?

Flashback #6 (EQ2#21) - Zephyr's band takes off from Crest Point (some undetermined time after Coral's death).

Flashback #6b (EQ2#21) - (cont. of the above) Zephyr's band settles at Cavernsong after much time at sea. Later on, Wavelet is born.

Flashback #6c (EQ2#21) - (cont. of the above) Zephyr's band is slaughtered, when Wavelet's still a tiny infant (Marish found her a newborn babe in the woods). If we can figure out Wavelet's age then we'd know indicatively for how long Wavecatcher has been wandering before he met Yun. Trickier to say how much time it took for Zephyr's band to reach Cavernsong so we can figure out how much spent they spent journeying and how much in their new home.

Flashback #7 (EQ2#31) - WaveDancers have already settled at Crest Point, and there are three healers in the tribe, when young Reef goes off to explore.

Flashback #7b (EQ2#31) - (cont. of above) set short after Tyldak dropped Winnowill in the island at the end of SABM. Reef runs into her.

Flashback #7c (EQ2#31) - (cont. of above) Reef is "broken" by Winnowill.

Flashback #8 (EQ2#31) - First and only mention of Stormsong and how he died. No hint as to where his death should be placed in the timeline, tho.

Flashback #14 (missing chapters) - Darshek sees the ghostly Pirn and Shadowcrest. If he knows what both of his mother's lifemates looked like, he must be the oldest of the siblings (because Pirn died when he was just a baby. Longfin says that "Darshek barely knew his father Pirn", and Salt later comments "Pirn will be happy to see the grown son he last saw as a newborn pip". So Pirn, at the very least, was already long deceased at the time of Coral's funeral in flashback #1).