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Five, according to Windkin. So that'd make her 300, most of which Wavecatcher spent wandering around - until he met Yun (he said he didn't move again in the hope that she'd return). Poor Wavecatcher - little wonder after so long time, it must have seemed to him a wonder to see another elfin face!

If Coral's death was 500 years before the current WD story, that leaves about 200 years for Zephyr's band to leave Crest Point and establish at Cavernsong. Let me re-read the passage...

"How many turns have I searched? How many turns since we left Crest Point to seek a second home... to find that peace that comes only when one has one's fish in several nets... How full of confidence Zephyr was... even though he, like we, knew little of the vast sea beyond our shore. So much the leader! And, after days upon days, how beautiful the new land looked... We named it Cavernsong, for the way the breezes whispered and sang as they blew past the caves we made into homes... And comfort we did find - in the bounty from the ocean... in the gentleness of the skies... and in even more joyous ways... in new life!

Makes sense. Although it says nothing specific of how much time they passed at sea, I'm guessing it wasn't that much by elf standard - he speaks of "days upon days", but not of "turns". So my guess is that while it took *years* to get from Crest Point to Cavernsong ("an ocean's breadth away"), it's still a relatively little amount in term of elf life. Even just a year would have little importance to the eyes of immortals like Zephyr and Wavecatcher, no?

And bingo! Wavecatcher says clearly that none of those who were in the band knew anything about the oceans beyond Crest Point. Spine says that Crest Point was their home since only a few spawning when Coral died, so Zephyr's band is younger than all those who first settled in that very home (at the very least up to Skimmer and Skimback). So at the time of Coral's death they could be anything from young pips to not even born. That sets me in my belief that they sailed off toward the end of the 200 years lapse between Coral's death and their arrival at Crest Point.