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Annnd I found definitive proof that Skimback wasn't alive when Reef ran into Winnowill Thumbs_up

In Discovery #1, he tells Snakeskin...

"The tale goes he swam off, exploring, and returned distorted in body and mind -- unable to send or explain what happened."

"The tale goes" definitely implies that the Broken One's tragic story is something he was told about but did not witness first-hand, IMHO. (Notice also Snakeskin's remark; "some power in the dim past", emphasis mine.)

So the three healers living at Crest Point by the time of SABM had to be Skimmer, Reef, and another who did not survive. Skimback was only born sometime in the following 10.000 years -so he's nowhere as old as, say, Surge or Redcrest.

So great when two pieces click together - gives stronger ground to fan assumptions ^_^

EDIT: and I found another bit that stands for my theory that Snakeskin was born shortly after his grandmother's death, when Surge roused the tribe to fight. In "Metamorphosis", he throws at his father this;

Snakeskin said
[...]"You are the one who taught us how to fight them! You are the one, seasons ago, who insisted that we stay -- despite the humans! You -- are the one who taught me that home was more important than anything!"

I can easily imagine Snakeskin as a child, listening in awe to Surge's inspiring words - nurturing his dreams to someday stand his ground against the Drylanders. Surge was such an inspiration and a role model for him -- hardly surprising his world turned upside down when he forfeit the tribe to mourn his lifemate. That puts Snakeskin's following bouts of uncertainty and self-doubt under a new light - indeed it must have been a rude awakening to find out he had idealized his childhood "hero" all along.