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Embala said

In short? ... That's the reason why couldn't answert the question "What superpower would you like to have?".
Too much responsibility. Never being good enough. Never achieving enough. More problems left than solved.

But it shouldnt be that way, in my opinion. While perhaps not wild and crazy like flying, everyone has a talent or skill, and we dont hold them accountable to do everything they can.

A writer or painter or repairman or mother... They arent frowned on if they dont soend every waking moment doing what they do... A good writer puts out a book, on average, every year or so, but if they REALLY tried they COULD put out two or three a year.
A painter (house or canvas), could make a proper painting in an hour, when they really get going, but no one frowns if they dont churn out 40 paintings a week, or if whatever paintings they do arent liked by everyone (or if they dont get as many houses as they can in a given time, or if the color isnt pleasing to everyone).

Point being