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Embala said

Last not least ... it seams to be our nature to expect unrealistic things from our chosen super"heroes". We create our Superstars - in sports, entertainement, politics - and expect that their next goal is at least as well achieved as the last one - OR BETTER. They are not allowed to fail anymore. when they do (and failure means not being on absolute top anymore) we blame and accuse them.

Getting better, doing "your best" all the time is a honorable principle. But when you have reached a certain level you cannot be THE BEST all the time. Others do the same, playing in the top range as well, and change is natural there.

But for some reason "change" is not accepted when it comes to the so called
superstars. What we expect is a stright line pointing UP - getting better and better with each time. What it always will be is a curve with up and downs, even when the curve itself points upwards. But each "natural" down is considered a fail and media doesn't make it better. They seek for the next sensation only to feed their readers/viewers ... and there are more sensation seekers than superstars.

But even in this case there ARE plenty of superstars (real ones and shortly pushed ones) and the attention can concentrate on somneone else. And the real stars can get a
break, recover, concentrate on a new project - and show up on top again. THE SUPERHERO on the other hand ... even when therre would be a few at the same time would never be able to escape attention and this vicious circle.

Exactly. We see this all the time (in America at least), where TV, movie stars, sports stars, and the like are put on such a pedistal, then come crashing down at the slightest slip of the tounge, or even the allegation of such.... We are all just human, even if some of us are better at some things than others, but somehow (media again) the slightest studder while on the rise causes panic... Much like stock markets, come to think of it.

@PC Dont forget abiut Green Arrow. Supposedly, as the story goes, he's just a normal person that developed a strong survival skill, centering on the use of a bow. There are variants of Batman that allude to Bruce Wane having a higher than normal intelligence (one of the origional Detectives of Detective Comics, if I understand correctly. I definately could have that wrong).

I should mention that there is at least one group of real life Costumed Crimefighters running around. I have no idea how they function alongside law enforcement, as they are actually very consious about this. As I understand, they function under similar rules of Bounty Hunting and use the Citizen's Arrest clause to perform arrests, but as to the details Im not sure. A friend of mine used to work as a dispacher for them. I had also seen a news report about it years ago. They do have rather interesting uniforms, as I understand, full of gadgets, body armor, and the like, though I dont believe they use so much as a grappling hook.

I think the reason they havent fallen victim to public outcry, persecution, scrutiny, or harrasment is they keep quite a low profile and are careful to follow strict guidlines aa to what they do. As such, they are relatively unknown.