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Embala said

there was Scruff, the doorkeeper
and there was Redrash (in a not quite canon story) who bartered with Cutter (and tried to cheat him)

actually Bearclaw was the "barterer" of the elves - got this "job" from his father after the Trolls were discovered ...

Thanks for setting me straight, I was actually wondering what the name was of that troll. I couldn't help but think of him as I added items and found myself actually inputting 'Squirrel Leg'. Yes, I'm trying to make this game as comprehensive as possible.

I wanted to add Bearclaw at some point. Of course, this technically should bump Cutter down from Leader, but it will technically be possible for players to name their characters whatever they want, we will more than likely end up with several Cutters, Skywises, Bearclaws, Picknoses, and the like. Smile My justification is that with a time traveling Palace, any character (later on) will technically be able to be any where and any time on the planet, so Redlance can butt heads with Two Spear, One Eye can chat it up with Icetooth, and the Djun can trade notes with the Shaman.

Of course, that's way down the road.

BTW, just putting the bare basic male and female, child and neuter of every kind of tribe and race, including a basic set of animals from the forest is almost up to 100 PCs and NPCs. There is another 20 NPCs that are non generic so far, and that's just for a test game... This is getting away from me a little bit, perhaps? lol