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Further musings...

right now in the timeline I have this;

* During the 9.000 years after Disappearance(KOTBW) - Stormsong, Pirn, (probably) Shadowcrest, Haze, Farbright, (probably) Drift, Fairshell, Spine, (probably) Skimback, Pearl and Redcrest are either born or already alive from before. There's no way to determine who was born before who, though.

I'm growing more and more inclined to lean toward the "already alive from before" (so they were all born within or right after the 100 years between Skimmer, Surge and Reef's birth and the "foundation" of Crest Point). Why? Because Spine said that Crest Point had been their home since "only a few spawnings" when Coral died.

Now, like I said earlier on, there is many a thing that could be called "spawnings"... BUT if he's referring to childbirth, it would make sense, because the only children born since the tribe settled at Crest Point would be Brill & Krill, Darshek, and possibly Zephyr and/or Strand. "Few spawnings", few deaths (only Pirn and the other healer) - then the humans show up, elves get killed and a "rush" of new Recognitions (Snakeskin, Sandsparkle, Kroosh, Wavecatcher, Wavelet, Glimmer, Gull, Foam...) replenish the tribe with new life. There were comparably fewer births in later generations (Puffer, Moonmirror, Tumble, and no one else until Korafay) but that probably owed to the tribe splitting. If the Cavernsong guys had stayed around, I think by now there'd be many more young WaveDancers swimming around the new cove.