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And yet another update (wow, this is getting really in-depth considering the little material I have available and how contradictory it is at times! Tongue)

Ok, I was definitely wrong in my assumption that Snakeskin was born around the same time as Wavecatcher & his band - because he *was* the one who carried Farbright's lifeless body back to the tribe, and he already looked like a grown-up. So my bet is that he was one of the "few spawnings". As for his absence at Coral's funeral, I noticed that Skimmer is nowhere to be seen either, so it could just be that Snakeskin mourned the loss by himself and his mother wouldn't let him be alone. Snakeskin is a lot like Brill in that regard, he tends to shy away and brood - so it wouldn't be totally out of character for him.

That would make Spine and Skimback the oldest WaveDancers who are not old enough to be "elders". But is Spine really that old? He says "when this island had been our home for only a few spawnings" - I guess "our home" could be interpreted in a more collective way than if he had been alive, old enough to remember, when the tribe settled at Crest Point. I'm not entirely sure about him... will have to re-read his lines and see if I hit upon other clues.

Edit: Also... I'm considering moving down Strand to (roughly) Sandsparkle's age, because I'm growing more and more persuaded that the elf pushing Coral's boat is indeed Zephyr. Also, remember the little interaction Sandsparkle and Strand had in - I think it was EQ#30 - when the tribe was about to sail? I don't know, but the thought that they might have been close in age and have grown up together makes that scene so much more heartwarming Luvlove