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I still can't get over this picture. Wish I had something like it - me reading Elfquest at a young age. What a treasure. My story: One day in 1985 or so, when I was in kindergarten, the lunchroom supervisor at our school brought in a bunch of comic books and told us that if we were good, we could each pick out one comic to keep. I went straight for the Strawberry Shortcake (dud. don't remember a thing. I'm sure I loved it at the time.) but my twin sister, ever the more interesting of us, was attracted to the small image of a wolf in the corner of this: We could both read at the time, but I think the story/words were over her head; she loved up the pictures, though. A few years later (maybe 1988) we were in the Forbidden Planet with our parents* and she noticed one of the hardcover graphic novels, and she wanted it, so they got it for her. And she devoured it. And asked for more, and eventually collected all that were available at the time. She spent so much time with the damn books that I started to resent them. But being 8 or 9, I still had no interest. In fact, I probably purposely avoided them because they were taking so much of my sister's attention! At one point, I committed an AWFUL SIN by scrawling "ELFQUEST IS &*#$#@" (except I used a word that wasn't 'puckernuts') in the margin of one of the pages. Shameful behavior. And then, sort of like magic one day in 1990 or 1991, I picked one of the books up and started actually, you know, reading the thing. Fell in hard. Haven't looked back since. Thanks, sis. *Raised by nerds.