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I was older than many. When I was 18 to be exact. I was at my very first science fiction convention, Noreastcon II (oh my lord has it really been that long??), and I was strolling through the dealer's hall being totally amazed at all the cool stuff. I wanted to buy a lot of what I saw, but was fresh out of high school that previous spring and still job less. In other words, on a budget. But I saw a table with comics on it and one cover in particular caught my eye. I believe it was issue #6 of the original quest. I bought it on a whim. I read it the second I was back in the hotel room and instantly wanted to know what had gone before. I bought the ones I could find at the con, and for a time was reading backward and forward while I filled in the first five issues. I didn't find the SoC until 2006 (as Tavie likely knows). I wanted to add a picture but can't seem to get it to work.