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RedheadEmber said: Hmm... that's odd. I seem to recall reading some comments indicating that @ChristinaRaibert was a Sunstream-Brill shipper before the calendar came out.
Oh well... maybe not that early...
Thornbrake said: I might be wrong. Maybe Brill was introduced already at that point, but we didn't get to see anything about her and Sunstream in the stories until years later when The Discovery came out.
@RedheadEmber @Thornbrake - You're both right - to some extent ;) The "Lovemates" Calendar came out in late 1998 and it was the first instance of a future relationship between Brill and Sunstream. Ever since I've always been 'shipping them together up until "Discovery" was released in 2006, and onward :) But Brill and the others "new" WaveDancers were introduced in Feb 1996 in "Turning Tide" - and pretty much from day one she became my favorite character altogether. That plate in the Calendar was the first time she was seen drawn by Wendy, but Steve Blevins, Craig Taillefer and Wendi Strang-Frost had all depicted her at various stages of the story. So for two years I was just her fan and after the Calendar came out, I took up 'shipping her and Sunstream as a couple :) Funny thing is that back then, I wasn't overly fond of Brill and Skimback as a couple. I hated Skimback - he struck me as very unaffected toward his former lovemate, very blind to Brill's suffering - and it wasn't until Discovery that he became a much more likeable character altoghether (and no, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Wendy draws him as hunky as he can be!). Nor I paired her with Spine - or at least not in any long-term way. I adore Spine and live in the hope that he will eventually threemate with her and Sunstream, also I don't doubt for so much as an instant that he was always there for Brill, and always would be - but I just couldn't see a romantic relationship between them as "exclusive". More like occasional lovemates... today we'd call them friends with benefits. Vurdah was the only one who struck me as a good match for Brill - they both wanted to find a lifemate and become mothers. Amusing how my original pick was also a Sun Villager XD