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Freethinker said: I'm not sure why I thought that, perhaps the hair or chest but hey, I was a kid. (Hmm, now that would be interesting, what if Cutter were female, and Leetah were a guy. Hmm. Kind of like that gender reversal).
You know, I think about this a lot, about how gender norms/stereotypes lead us to interpret things. Clearly Wendy's character design is informed by Japanese art, which has a very different visual language when it comes to depictions of masculine vs. feminine. I don't recall ever confusing the male elves for female, but I can totally see how someone might think that. I mean, they have big eyes, flowing hair and delicate features. The MUST be girls - lol! Seriously though, I can't understate how important that this disregard for such gender stereotypes has been for me. It had a major impact on me as a young kid. It taught me, perhaps inadvertently, that these things are relative. And that learning, at a young age, quite literally saved my life. Being gay, growing in up in a very conservative religious culture, I very easily could have bought into the notion that I was an abomination because I didn't conform to those rigid gender norms. Suntop's simple "I'll be what I'll be" and his people's unquestioning acceptance of that are the perfect expression of the power of Elfquest.