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When I was a kid my older brother and I, looked through my dads old comics. He had issue 6, 7 9 10, 11 and 12. I found them verry fascinating, but I didnt understand much of the story. I vaguely remember that I thought Rayek was Leetahs lost lifemate, and that he had to get to her and the kids soon because they were in danger. I allso thought that Winnowill was holding Strongbow as her love slave, and Moonshade was verry upset that somebody stole her mate. early in my teen years I came back to Elfquest, I read my dads comics again and this time I actually understood what was going on. My brother and I found an Elfquest guide at the library + some of the comics. I feel in love with the story, and the emotions in Wendys beautiful drawings. I found more bits and pieces of the story online. I was verry happy when they started uploading the comics to the website, and I was allways looking forward to friday when a new issue would be uploaded. My love for Elfquest only grew