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Mkal said: It would only be fair to guess that since there was nobody left to care for it, it is now a dead planet. We have no idea how much time passed from their departure of the homeworld until they crashed on Abode.
I actually think Thornbrake covered this best here:
Thornbrake said: @MKal the life on a planet can die out, while the planet itself remains. It's possible that it's just bare rock at this point and the elves, if they return, might need to use their powers to breathe new life into it. Or, since the High Ones left literally billions of years ago, it's possible that the planet went through a "dead cycle" and will have become inhabitable again by the time the elves return. We shall see!
Just like our own planet, we need to take care of earth because we live on it, not because it needs us. If humans disappeared tomorrow, earth would still keep on spinning and growing. So possibly the Home Star has come back. I don't think Skywise would have mentioned trying a journey there if it wasn't something he thought was possible.