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A lodestone is just a magnetized piece of magnetite. The name lodestone means "leading stone" or "compass stone." People used pieces of lodestone suspended from strings as natural compasses well before and well into the Middle Ages. Skywise theorized that the lodestone was "a piece of" what he called the "hub" star-- and which (I think) the Sunfolk referred to as the North star. But he was clearly just guessing. A lodestone points north/south because it is reacting to the planet's magnetic field-- not because it is "tugged on" by a star. The Wolfriders, even Skywise, are not scientists- they mostly just go by instinct. Skywise didn't really know what he was talking about when he explained the lodestone to Cutter- he just had some basic observations and semi-educated guesswork. And yes, Picknose said it fell from the sky-- but that probably just means it was a piece of meteor. Space is really big- and the likelihood of the lodestone being a piece of the planet the high ones came from seems pretty remote. I also really don't think the elves are going to go back to their original world. That doesn't make sense. Timmain told them that the High Ones left that world because it was dying. Why would they choose to return to a dead world? Why would they even expect it to still exists- considering that the Coneheads travelled for a really long time in their shell before landing on abode- and so many thousands of years passed after the crash. That world should be long gone by now... and any character who paid any attention to the Scroll of Colors should know that. I thought that when he mentioned the "star home," Skywise was referring to the ship itself-- to restoring the Palace into a floating spaceship.