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awwww YAY!!! i wasn't sure if anyone liked my very first cosplay, i'm glad someone mentioned it here! i traded for mine and my daughter's costumes, since i fail at sewing anything other than patch-jobs, lol. i was happy enough that i had managed to sew the crystals on my costume without any issues! i was so flattered, not only did ElfMom know who i was before i introduced myself (she asked me, "Are you Amanda?" and once i said yes she asked "Aren't you supposed to have your daughter with you as Chitter?" my kiddo was wandering around the convention with her dad, at the moment. she was 3 years old and didn't have the patience to wait in a line with me, lol), but she also said my daughter made a PERFECT Chitter, except her hair wasn't messy enough, lol! i believe she also complemented me on the accuracy of both costumes. my husband was also supposed to cosplay as Strongbow, but his costume wasn't finished in-time. sometime i'll don my Moonshade costume again and take some better pics out in the forest around my house, but for now here's some from Convolution 2013. Chitter with a popsicle Moonshade i hope to cosplay again sometime, perhaps as Leetah (even though i'm SUPER pale, lol), or maybe Joyleaf. i've been wanting to make a quick Joyleaf costume recently, i'm pregnant with our second child, our son, and we decided to name him Tam, so Joyleaf would be perfect, other than i'm a brunette, not blonde. anyways, sorry for the HUGE post, if you know me from Facebook you know i have a tendency to do this sometimes, lol.