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Quick update on available elves for adoption and character creation!


The Free Ones

264 years old, female. This tanner, hunter and (unofficial) herbal healer lost everything in the troll attack; her lifemate Arrowflash, their 14 year old daughter Firesoul and both her parents. This is what caused her to change her name from Sunset to her current one and is also the reason she is very set on revenge against the trolls.

68 years old, male. Guard and warrior Childwolf is a former trouble-maker who's become overly protective of his younger brother Lizardstalker since the death of their mother at the hands of the trolls. Their father is also missing, but no one knows what happened to him.

362 years old, male. Newly renuited with his lifemate Squirrel and his two children Quicksand and Redstreak Gale is one of the happier elves among the survivors. He's a hunter, tracker and also quite talk active, who tries to stay positive in all situations (but if you provoke him he won't stay all rainbows and sunshine for long).

880 years old, male. Was Chief's Second before the trolls attacked. His role now is less sure. Chief Clearmind is dead and his son, Brighteyes, is missing, just like Greyspear was from the second troll attack, up until a day ago. He's still recovering from the loss of his lifemate - Tenderheart, the tribe's healer and mother of his two children - and reuniting with his brother Haze and his children Silvereyes and Treebreeze.

613 years old, male. Younger brother of Greyspear (though the age difference and the fact that Greyspear more or less raised him has made their relationship more of a uncle-nephew one than a brotherly one), uncle to Silvereyes and Treebreeze. Laid back and solitary - at least before the Holt burned. What will he do to comfort his brother, niece and nephew, as they grieve the loss of Tenderheart?

12 years old, male. A shy cub these days, careful around strangers. He used to be quite a trouble-maker, allied with his older brother Childwolf, but the troll attack changed that drastically. He's still mourning the death of his mother and the loss of his father.

13 years old, female. She's the 'pack leader' of the cubs, a bit bossy and knows when to act cute to disarm the adults. Loves new and exciting things - like the new elves (she wants to style her hair in the same fashion most of them). Just reunited with both of her missing parents Gale and Squirrel, not long after having her younger brother Redstreak returned to her by Haze.

137 years old, female. Born in the Riverbench Holt, which no longer exists. She, her brother Firecry and Bloodcut, another of their surviving tribe mates, set out to search for other survivors of their wolf-blooded tribe. What they found instead was the Branch of Stars, the smallest Branch of the Children of the Oaks. They've stayed with them ever since and just got to meet the rest of the Branches - in time for the Tall Tree elves to reveal how elves who bond with wolves really work. How will Rainblossom react to the sudden hostility of half her new tribe?

11 years old, male. Son of Gale and Squirrel, brother of Quicksand. Open and friendly, a bit of a dreamer. Disappeared during the second troll attack, was found by Haze and they both made their way back to the rest of the survivors quite recently, so Redstreak is still a little underfed. He's just been reunited with his parents.

374 years old, male. Wanderer from the High Stream Holt, the same Holt that the wanderer Sunsleaf comes from. Seems to have a bit of a history with her, since the first thing she did when she saw him was punch him in the face. Neither of them has explained what it was about further, but apparently nothing serious enough for Sunsleaf to want him chased away.

66 years old, male. Currently exhausted and beat up, Treebreeze isn't his usual helpful self right now (well, he'd usually be helping the cubs do something they shouldn't). He's happy all the same, being renuited with his father Greyspear, sister Silvereyes and his uncle Haze. The happiness of reunion almost overshadow his grief over the death of his and Silvereyes mother, the tribe's healer, who was killed by the trolls.

Other Tribes

Children of the Oaks
A tribe of plainsdwelling purebloods with copper-colored skin (and mohawks!). Click the link above for more information about them.

All green names indicate elves who've already been somewhat played or mentioned in-game. They are in other words more "adoptables" than anything else. Still, they have next to no CIS (Character Information Sheet), so you get to make up a lot about their personality/skills/apperance, etc.

You can of course make up your very own elf from this tribe, as long as they follow the "rules" of the tribe (i.e. being purebloods, etc.)!

Example: No more elves can come from the Branch of Stars, since it's full. You can however adopt an elf from the Branch of Stars.