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YAY! Snakeskin, Surge and Spine's bios are up - and they shed some light over the timeline!

When Surge returned from self-imposed exile, father and son were soon at odds, though it would be many years before their antagonism came to a head.
Though many years passed, matters came to a head when Snakeskin’s longstanding attempts to heal the Broken One triggered a confrontation.
It's still vague, but at least gives me a clearer indication of how much time was elapsed between the two storylines! Looks like I'll have to move "Turning Tide" and "Wavedancers" much earlier than I currently have them. My guess is five or six years after the birth of Puffer (he did look really young in "WaveDancers" IMHO), and then thirteen/fourteen years pass between those events and Sunstream's meeting with Brill on the astral plane. (Does this mean that Sandsparkle and Skimback actually had their baby, if just for a little while? I certainly hope so!) What does not fit is Wavecatcher... at least if we're to believe the captions that set his story at the identical same time of the "WaveDancers" story arc. According to my estimations, Puffer was born about seventeen years before "Shards" - but there's only a year between "Shards" and the "New Blood" arc with the Door war in the Forevergreen. So Wavecatcher could not run into Windkin when Puffer was just six - 'cause he still had not met Yun. My sense is that we're to disregard the implication that the two stories took place in the same time-frame. Just as with Ardan Djarum being a descendant of the Djun, a fact that obviously got retconned (he might be a distant relative - perhaps he was originally born in the Citadel and then moved to Farcast.) If "WaveDancers" took place at a completely different time from Wavecatcher and Windkin's adventures - then it all fits; it's Windkin who ran into Wavecatcher one year before Discovery, then he parted ways from him and Wavelet (don't tell me someone killed them? My ominous feeling about their fate is growing stronger and stronger by the minute... and I pray I'm wrong) and returned to the abandoned Sun Village, where he was picked up three years later by Leetah and Skywise. (This still begs to know why Windkin never mentioned Wavelet and Wavecatcher to the other WaveDancers, during the time Sunstream lived with them? Or he did, and we'll be meeting them in future installments? I'm hoping very much that it's so - either this or they decided to found their own tribe - because the only alternative leads back to the ominous feeling I mentioned above, and I don't want to go there) Waiting to see what turns up from other bios - before updating the timeline to v. 2.0! Woohoo! So soon! :)