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ChristinaRaibert said: Ah, okay, I misremembered that one :) So Wavecatcher would have spent about two years waiting for Yun (not that he counted, tho) before he ran into Windkin. Something more if that story took place during Brill's pregnancy.
Actually, no, I made a mistake with the math here. The years he spent looking for Yun were three indeed - with five-six floodings for year - and that fits with his meeting Windkin around the same time of Sunstream's Recognition with Brill, since it's exactly three years between Shards and Discovery. Then three years for Windkin to once again leave on his own and make his way back to Sorrow's End (of course it would take him much less - since he can fly). I've checked the official timeline on EQ.com and it says that Shards takes place 7 years after Reappearance... then there'd be close to 23 years between the "WaveDancers" story arc and "Discovery" (13 for the Palace to reappear, 7 to get to the Shards War, 2 for Moonshade's pregnancy in SATS and 1 more before Sunstream Recognizes Brill). I guess it works for "many years later", no?)