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At 12:02 am, I thought - "Hey, I wonder if that comic is available online?" and it was, so I gleefully downloaded it. And then read it. In less than 20 frikkin' minutes! I totally blew my wad, and now I have to wait two whole months until the next one! Talk about premature exhilaration! Damn. I am never doing that again. (Spoiler Alert: In two months, I do the exact same thing.) My review: This issue was pretty thrilling for me, and that actually really surprises me. My love for Elfquest was at its peak from 1992 to 1996. The story and characters definitely changed a lot when Shards started, and I really began to lose interest. So I haven't read many of the issues about Ember's tribe, and I really haven't had the desire to - but this issue has made me rethink that choice. That may not seem like an astoundingly positive review, but it really is the best possible outcome I could have ever imagined. I am definitely going back online to catch up on all of the issues now!!! (I will say that this issue is killing me on the Strongbow/Moonshade front - Strongbow is definitely my favorite character in the whole series, and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!)