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Heather said: I had been wondering if "Go-Back" had meant something more and obviously it does. So now I am left with tears in my eyes and a question in my mind. What and/or who did Krim see that made her realize it's more than the Palace?
This was *THE* moment in the issue for me, too. What did she mean? What else is there to "go back" to? It was a good death and I love, love, LOVED how her last moment with Lehrigan - it was so true to her character, full of humor. They died together, laughing, but also knowing that not only did Krim die in glorious battle, but Kahvi died well, too. I think this is the best "ending" we could hope for for Krim. I still feel for Sust and Pike, though. A great loss, even knowing her Go-Back nature relished it. The Recognition was delicious - and we get another soul name for our collection - a great one, evoking the word "zeal", perfect for the Ember we all know still lurks beneath the current chiefly broodiness. I'm worried for her but the fact that she's not yet calling in the cavalry in the form of Sunstream and the Palace brigade make me wonder. What's up her sleeve that she's so confident she's not heading to her death?