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Tavie said: More praise for Sonny's coloring is due, too. I agree, Mender's glowing eyes are the standout moment here - and his glowing eyes/hands in the panel right below. Masterful. And, as usual, in general, I'm so impressed by the subtlety of the night hues.
Indeed! Speaking of which, Mender is kind of terrifying. It really took Sonny's creepy, expert coloring in that scene were he wipes out Lodok and his personal guard to make me realize it. Mender might not be quite as powerful as Leetah, but with the Palace's influence he's become no slouch in the magic department. Yet, he clearly has much looser scruples when it comes to how he uses those powers that she does, and doesn't blink and eye at decimating enemies with his touch, as evidenced by his totally nonchalant "Just finishing up" comment. He really is the "demon" that the humans fear. How this is going to be played out will be really interesting to see. I can't help but feel that Ember's "You don't know Mender" comment to Angrif is some kind of foreshadowing.